Product Review: Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer

As someone with very oily complexion and skin that likes to eat every makeup product I put on it, I am always on the look out for a primer that keeps makeup on my face all day.

YouTuber Tanya Burr mentioned in her October favourites video that this one is a cheaper alternative to the Hourglass Veil Primer.

Generally speaking, I really like it. At £10.99 it is really affordable and does the job. It is super easy to apply with your fingers and leaves my skin feeling soft for a smooth base.

There are some things i'm not keen on about it though. It is a fairly thick product which I can definitely feel on my skin - it doesn't have a light finish that a more expensive primer probably would. I also find that I need to use quite a lot of product to get the full coverage I need, so it's likely I'm going to get through it fairly quickly if I continue to use it almost everyday.

I tried using it under different types of products and here's what I found...
BB Cream: BB and CC creams never last throughout the day for me. With this primer, however, it lasted for hours with a matte, smooth and even finish.
Liquid Foundation: It lasted all day really well, and I even got told I looked really tanned.
Cream Foundation: It wasn't as long lasting as liquid foundation, but it still worked better than no primer. Also, my skin tends to eat up cream products anyway, so on normal skin I think it would have lasted well with a cream foundation.
Concealer: Normally when i just wear concealer on cheat no makeup days, they end up being a no makeup day by the afternoon. Although I probably wouldn't wear a primer when i'm just opting for concealer becuase I don't really care anyway, it still kept it in place all day.

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