Product Review: KIKO 'Colour Fever Eyeshadow Palette'

Going to university in central London is amazing... though not so amazing for my bank account! I'm finding myself wandering in and out of more shops than I would like to admit.

The other day I was walking down Regent Street and couldn't help but pop into KIKO. I've never actually bought anything from there before, but have heard so many great things about it - I couldn't resist.

Straight away I was drawn to the lipsticks, but very quickly reminded myself that I simply did not need yet another 'my lips but better' colour lipstick to add to my rather extensive collection. Instead I went over to the gorgeous eyeshadow quads which caught my eye and were just asking to be swatched all up my arm.

Before I knew it, I was walking out the shop with a little bag and a big grin on my face.

Let me tell you what I bought...

A beautiful, purple toned, shimmering eyeshadow quad in the shade 'unexpected rosy taupe (100)'.

It's currently my new obsession. Name an eyeshadow look and I guarantee this palette can achieve it for you. The highly pigmented colours mean you can build and blend to your hearts content, transforming a day time look into an evening look in just minutes. I really love how with the four shades, it is pretty much a step by step guide on how to apply your eyeshadow, much like the Charlotte Tilbury luxury palettes (but a heck of a lot cheaper).

It feels like a beautifully indulgent, luxury product, but at the affordable price of £13.90, so you have nothing to feel guilty about when you check your bank statement.

I have a horrible feeling that the next time I go into KIKO, I will be coming out with a lot more than an eyeshadow palette.

Buy it here

Product Review: KIKO 'Colour Fever Eyeshadow Palette'

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