LUSH Christmas: My Favourites

Halloween and bonfire night are over which means we are now officially allowed to begin getting into the Christmas spirit. I started by going into LUSH and indulging myself in the Christmas products. Christmas seems to be the only time of year I shop in LUSH. The rest of the year I find most of their products a bit too sweet for my taste, but as soon as November hits you'll struggle to keep me away from the place.

This year I have two favourites which I'll be repurchasing A LOT over the next few weeks...

The first thing I've been loving is the Melting Snowman bath melt. It has a very Christmassy spice scent to it, perfect for those cold evening where you just want to feel cosy. It's also really moisturising and makes your skin feel so soft afterwards. You can either melt him under running bath water, or leave him in your bath to slowly melt away. I prefer to leaving him in the water to slowly melt because it leaves my skin feeling so soft and the scent lingers for longer.

My next favourite from the range is the the Christmas penguin bubble bar. Not only are penguins one of my favourite things ever, but this one is super cute (and actually a little creepy)! It has a really refreshing smell of orange and mandarin flavours, so is it not only perfect for a cosy night in, but perfect to feel clean and
fresh too. All you do is run it under the bath tap and watch it crumble into a bubbly delight.


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