TV Addiction: Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is definitely one of my favourite programmes not only at TV at the moment but one of my favourite programmes EVER! I didn't watch it from the first series, I began at about series 4 or 5. I have by no means missed out though because I got the box set for my birthday a few years ago and managed to catch up very quickly.

I'll begin by talking about my favourite characters, which is very difficult because I completely love all of them both past and present.
Aaron Hotchner (Hotch)
I think I will go as far as saying he is my favourite character. I'm not too sure why though. I think it is because he seems so cool about everything and also seems like someone you would want want as a friend (don't worry I know he isn't real). I also think he has such a cool job.
Jennifer Jareau (JJ)
I love JJ because of the great stories she gets. I love how we get to see her family life as well as her at work. Out of all of the characters I would want her job the most; she gets to run around with a gun kicking down doors as well as dealing with the media and having to support victims' family. It's crazy, but the thing is I really don't think that such job actually exists.
Spencer Reid
Everyone needs a Spencer in their lives. He is such a geek and I love it. He is just the most adorable character. I don't like some of the storylines he gets though. He has such an unlucky life. He is definitely the person who's brian you want though. If there is a person out there who thinks like him... congratulations. You're a genius!
Derek Morgan
Derek Morgan. The ladies favourite. He really is a cool character. He is very much the stereotypical FBI agent which I just love.
Penelope Garcia
The thing I love about her the most is that she isn't a stereotypical 'techy'. Firstly she is female which is never seen. Also she is such a fun and bubbly person. Her relationship with Derek is particularly captivating as they are very flirty is a completely non sexual way. She is hilarious and absolutely bonkers.
David Rossi
The leader of the group. It could have been very easy to make him a boring character as he is like the boss. But he isn't. He is also really unintentionally funny. which makes me laugh. When Gideon left I didn't think that they would be able to get anyone as good to replace him. I am so pleased they have.

I love this programme so much just because it is so different to everything also on the TV at the moment of the same genre. I also love it because the episodes are so different every week. I worry for when they run out of ideas. It's bound to happen eventually. Until then... keep up the good work!


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