New Music Video Releases Of The Week.

Cheryl - I Don't Care
After the huge success of Cheryl's first single off her new album 'Crazy, Stupid, Love', there were high expectations for her next single to be just as good. I don't think it is. She looks stunning in the fairly average video, despite some fairly bizarre dance moves, however the song doesn't quite do it for me. It just feels like nothing special. It might be one of those songs though that grows with time. It might need a bit more hype before for I begin to love it as much as her previous single.

One Republic - I Lived
The video of this song is dedicated to a 15 year old boy, and One Republic fan, called Bryan Warnecke who lives with Cystic Fibrosis. The fact he stars in the video makes his story all the more real. It is a really inspiring video and makes you really appreciate life a whole lot more. What I like the most is that although it is an emotional story, it is quite an uplifting song - not a traditional ballad. One Republic are on a roll at the moment and are churning out hit after hit.

Maroon 5 - Animals
Hummmm.... I'm not quite sure where to begin with this one. This video has been widely criticised and accused of promoting sexual violence and harassment. Although I don't feel that strongly about it, I do find it really creepy and super disturbing. However, behind the weirdness of the music video, I think there is a message about society and how people are treated like animals, or pieces of meat, especially in the celebrity world. It is also a really catchy song, which I think will do well, despite all the controversy.

Alicia Keys - We Are Here
An emotional song, with a powerful meaning behind it. So, I am really glad she kept the video simple, so all we focus on is the lyrics and her stunning voice.

Sam Smith - Restart
I am a huge Sam Smith fan, so I will always say everything he does is amazing. However, when I say I love his new song 'Restart' and the music video, it is because I think it's great, not just becuase I love him. This song is so cool! That really is the best way I can describe it. It is one of my favourite songs off his album so I am glad he is releasing it as a single. The video is a bit different too. It gives us a slight insight into his life on the road.

Hunter Hayes - Tattoo
I don't know much about Hunter Hayes because he isn't very big in the UK, however in America he is huge. He has a bit of a country thing going on which I really like. The only song I know of his is 'Wanted', which I was obsessed with for a very long time. I recently heard 'Tattoo' and really liked it, so was desperate to see what the video was like. There are two videos - one for the UK and one for the USA. I'm not really sure why, becuase they are quite similar. However, the UK video is quite good. It's a very lovey dovey video, and actually reminds me of the video for Bruno Mars' 'Just The Way You Are'.


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