My Style Influences.

Mollie King
My ultimate style queen is 'The Saturdays' singer Mollie King. I have been obsessed with her fashion sense for a long time now. This became even clearer to me when I found a collage of various 'Mollie' looks that I put together, some even dating back to 2009. It's her day to day looks I really love the most. She always looks effortlessly chic and well put together, even on her days off. I also love how she isn't afraid to take a few fashion risks, whether it be on the red carpet, on stage, or just during the day.

Olivia Palermo
I am yet to come across a fashion enthusiast who isn't infatuated by Olivia's style. She always looks like she has spent hours putting together her outfits everyday, even when walking her dog. She knows exactly what's flattering, on trend, and what risks will work. I am also very envious of how she spends her life walking about in huge skyscraper heels and always looks like she is walking down a runway.

Tanya Burr
Tanya Burr has three three types of looks: the red carpet, the everyday, and the daytime event. I think my favourite is the daytime event look. I have a very similar body shape to Tanya, so always look to her for flattering outfit ideas. She always looks super girly and pretty and is responsible for way too many spur of the moment purchases of mine! And I can't not mention how georgeous her makeup always looks - the way she is so creative and changes things up with her makeup is just as inspiring as her outfit choices. 

Rosie 'The Londoner'
Surprise surprise, another blogger. However this time one who's wardrobe, for the most part, I can only admire from a distance as the links she posts, more often than not take me to the Net A Porter or Selfridges websites. I say this, however one of the reasons I love her style so much is becuase she mixes up highstreet and designer pieces, making some of her looks that little more affordable. I am completely obsessed with everything on her blog, but I must admit, ogling at her effortlessly chic outfits is always the best bit for me. She isn't afraid to take a few fashion risks either, which is a trait I wish I had. The question I always find myself asking is 'how does she get her hair so glossy and bouncy THE WHOLE TIME?! I don't believe she does this everyday. 

Kendall Jenner
I was contemplating on whether or not to include Kendall as one of my style influences. This is becuase I don't think she really does influence what I wear. If I wore some of the things she wears, I would look ridiculous. I'm not nearly as skinny as she is, not as tall as she is, not as confident as she is and am most definitely not a model. Yet I feel like my obsession with her style must influence my wardrobe in some way. Or maybe I am merely yearning for just an ounce of Kendall's model wardrobe. Then it hit me. She absolutely does influence my style. The one word I would use to describe Kendall's style is 'simple'. Simplicity is very much key. When asked once what her personal style is, Kendall replied with 'comfortable'. That is where she influences me most. On a day to day basis where I want to look put together yet still be comfortable. Beauty doesn't always mean pain.  


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