The Best Of The Best: My Favourite Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs

However much I love to write my blog, one of my favourite things to do to relax is read other blogs too. Reading about what other people think of new launches and what they recommend, whether it be fashion or beauty is a dangerous hobby of mine - because all it does is make me want to splash the cash which I simply don't have. I also look to blogs for make up and fashion inspiration, as well as for a good snoop into other peoples fascinating life's - I love to see where others are shopping, eating, holidaying, and just going out and about.

The fact that my favourite bloggers are mostly from the UK can't be a coincidence. I love discovering new products, clothes and places right on my doorstep which I may have never come across otherwise. It excites me to know that no two people have the same life, yet can all be entertained by the same passion for blogging.

Here are my favourite bloggers...
Tanya Burr - My YouTube queen of the beauty gurus. I love Tanya's YouTube channel and reading her blog is much of the same. I always feel relaxed, happy and well informed after reading one of her blog posts.

The Londoner - Considering Rosie Thomas' blog 'The Londoner' is the only blog I check everyday and get excited like a little kid in a sweet shop when I see a new upload, I think I'm going to say it is my favourite of all the blogs I read. I may even confess to being slightly addicted to reading her blog. It is the only blog which I really escape into when reading; almost like a good book or film. There is also something for almost every kind of nosy parker out there, whether it be in travel, food, fashion or just her georgeous life in general!

Fashion Gone Rogue - This is like my trusty fashion newspaper. I check here everyday to see what is going on in the fashion world. Whether it be celebrities, campaigns or new collections, this is the place to go to know exactly what's going on.

Atlantic Pacific - I come here to fantasise about how I would dress if I was both brave enough and wealthy enough to be like Blair Eadie. She is simply stunning and can pull off almost any outfit,  which is why I spend most of my time on her blog gorping about her extremely exciting wardrobe. Also, this blog is the epitome of less is more, where designing a blog goes.

Lisa Eldridge Make Up - Lisa's blog is pretty much just a written version of her YouTube channel. Nonetheless I still make time for both. If it is her incredibly relaxing voice you're after watch her videos, however if you're after a little extra info head to her blog. As a professional make up artist her knowledge of anything beauty is rather extensive so anybody looking for make up advice will be well looked after.

Vivianna Does Makeup-  Anna's YouTube channel is one I have been subscribed to for quite some time now, and love, yet it isn't until recently that I have got into her blog. She is incredibly on top of things and posts on her blog everyday. What I really like about her blog and channel is that it is so clear that she loves what she does - and that automatically makes me love it too.

Lily Pebbles - I couldn't include Anna and not Lily - they come as a pair right? Much like Anna, Lily is very well organised and posts on her blog everyday. However much I love the beauty bits on her blog, I have recently been really loving reading her 'wear-life-eats' part of her blog too. She is also a great person to go to for restaurant recommendations.

Olivia Palermo - Olivia is by far my favourite celebrity blogger. Both Olivia and her blog are the perfect combination of class and glamour. I really have to restrain myself from spending hours indulging into her blog - there is just so much to do.

Feel free to follow them all on Bloglovin', who even send you daily emails to let you know exactly what your favourite bloggers are up too. You can also search for many other types of blogs on Bloglovin', from categories ranging from art, DIY, photography, fitness, travel and a whole lot more. It is a great way to be part of a wonderful community right at your fingertips. 

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