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Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

This week Taylor Swift revealed her new single 'Shake It Off', as well as the music video.
As far as the song goes, she has definitely stayed away from her usual country pop sound, and moving into more mainstream pop. This is a very new sound for her but one that I think will work if the songs are right. The song is super duper catchy and is one that gets you up dancing. I particularly like the cool breakdown bit in the middle, which makes the song even more fun and a little different. She looks amazing in the video - as per usual, however it is the fact that she is taking the mick out of herself a bit with her dancing, as well as putting two fingers up to the people who scrutinise her life every day.
Another great song from Taylor which will no doubt storm the charts around the world. Now for the album!

Buy the single here
Pre order the album '1989' here


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