Song Of The Day.

Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill

I couldn't be the only person not obsessing over this song, so it only makes sense to make it a 'song of the day' and obsess over it just like everyone else. It is very easy to love this song which is super cool, very catchy and completely different to everything currently in the charts. Not to mention it is by one of my favourite youtubers, Troye Sivan

If you pre order the EP 'TRXYE' here then you will automatically get Happy Little Pill anyway, which is awesome. 
If you aren't sure yet and want to hear the whole EP first then it is out on the 15th August - put it in the diary!

I hope this song is a hit. I definitely have very few doubts about how big the song is going to be as it has already reached no.16 in Australia and no.2 in New Zealand - not a bad start!


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