Normcore: Trend Or Commodity?

According to Google 'normcore is a fashion trend (though some insist it is more of a joke). The trend has many different looks, but it hinges on one premise: the wearer opts for clothes meant to be average'.

Vogue however, define it as a 'bland anti -style' and 'the notion of dressing in an utterly conventional, nondescript way'

I could write a whole blog post about what I believe normcore to be, based only what I have seen in the magazines and online. However, I came across this article on vogue.co.uk which I think discusses the trend perfectly, so I shall send you in that direction. 

Having done much Googling on the topic, I think I quite like it, however i'm beginning to think it is just a great excuse to not dress 'fashionably' or be 'on trend', whatever that means. XXIV also have an interesting article on the matter talking about the difference between normcore by nature, normcore by choice, and normcore via high fashion. Check it out here.  

For now, lets admire 'normcore'...


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