New Music Video Releases Of The Week.

Another busy week for new music videos - some of which have been my favourite songs of the summer, and I expect to be big hits over the next few months.

George Ezra - Blame It On Me
I literally don't know how to describe how I feel about this. I want to say I am obsessed, but I fear that may be an understatement. George Ezra is one of my favourite artists at the moment and this song is by far my favourite off his album. LOVE! 

Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill
As I mentioned in my 'Song of The Day', the world and his wife is talking about this on the internet. Watch out for a review of Troye's EP 'TRXYE' because I am loving it at the moment. Also, it is currently no.1 on UK iTunes, which I think speaks for itself. 

The Script - Superheroes
I like this song a lot, and think the video is actually really powerful. I think this may be a song that gets a lot of radio play too. 

Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora - Black Widow
I'm not a huge fan of Iggy Azalea, but I love Rita Ora's part. Super duper catchy.

Ariana Grande feat. Zedd - Break Free
And so the love for Ariana Grande continues. She hasn't really been big in the UK until recently and is taking over the charts by a storm. If she keeps bringing out great songs like this then I think there is a lot more success in store for her. 

Ella Henderson - Glow
After the huge success of 'Ghosts', Ella had a tough act to follow with her second single whatever it was going to be. I do like 'Glow', but not 100% convinced yet. I think it may be a grower.

Jamie T - Zombie
A very creepy music video, for a really cool song. I hadn't heard of Jamie T before this song, but am now looking forward to hearing some more Jamie T music. 

Bastille - Oblivion
Okay, so I now this has been out a few weeks now, but I forgot to include it in  my last post of new music video releases and love it so much I had to sneak it in this week. 

The Kooks - Forgive & Forget
Yay, new stuff from The Kooks! I think this is a really great song, and although the video is a bit basic, it still suits the song as it's super quirky. 

Kasabian - Bumblebeee
Great song. Great video. Nuff said.

Michael Jackson - A Place With No Name
What initially drew me to this song is the uncanny resemblance to 'A Horse with No Name', a hit song by rock band America - even the same of the song is similar. I love how it is a new take on sampling a song - even though he is no longer alive he is still changing music. It is a really unique video which features both old, unseen footage, as well as new footage too. According to Billboard, he recorded 'A Place With No Name' 16 years ago while creating his Invincible album. I can only begin to imagine what other treasures he left in his studio.

Ella Eyre - Comeback
Lurrrrvvv this song. Her voice is so edgy and unique - amazing. This is a really fun video to with a great song.


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