New Music Video Releases Of The Week.

It has been a busy week for new music videos... and a good bunch too - a proper mixture to appeal to music lovers across all genres.

Slipknot - The Negative One
First up we have Slipknots' new track which caused havoc on Twitter after they streamed the song earlier in the week. It is their first song since 2008 so the fans are pretty hyped about it, even though it is dividing opinion. If i'm completely honest, it isn't my kind of thing... and scares me a little.

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One
Watch out for a song of the day with this track. Ever since this video was release I have fallen in love. I guarantee that the next time i'm out shopping (probably very soon), i'll be picking up a copy of Sam's album 'In The Lonely Hour'. This song is simply stunning with a beautiful music video to go with it. A real story is told, which Dianna Agron portrays in a seriously moving and meaningful way. I predict big things for this song.
Buy the song here.

5 Seconds Of Summer - Amnesia
In my review of their self titled album, I mentioned Amnesia as one of my favourite tracks. It's an emotional song, so I like how they have contradicted that slightly with a fun music video. It brings a whole new meaning to the song. However, this is another one which has divided opinion among the fans.
Buy the EP here

Nick Jonas - Chains
The Jonas Brothers may be no more, but that certainly hasn't stopped Nick Jonas venturing out in the hope of a successful solo career. Honestly, the song isn't as bad as I thought. If the rumours that are currently circulating about a possible song with Demi Lovato are true then you never know, things could begin to look up for 1/3 of the JoBro's!
Buy the single here (but only if you are from the US).

Charlie Puth - L.U.V
I'm not going to take any credit for finding out about this song. Youtuber Connor Franta tweeted about this and I couldn't resist but to click on it and see what the fuss was all about. Turns out the song is actually really good. When I found out he was one of Ellen DeGeneres's discovery's then I knew this song couldn't just be a fluke. Check out his YouTube channel and you'll know what I mean.

Ed Sheeran - Don't
As I mentioned in my review of his new album 'X', 'don't' is one of my favourite tracks from the album. It is one of the more up beat songs, so I think the fun video goes perfectly with it. I like the fact he isn't in the video, which not many people do, as it makes me think of it as a story rather than a song, which ultimately it is. The dancer in the video is incredibly talented too, which I couldn't take my eyes off the first time a watched the video.

Katy Perry - This Is How We Do
If I am completely honest with you, this isn't one of my favourite Katy Perry songs. However, it could be a grower. Don't blame me if I am ranting and raving about it in a few weeks. It is also a really fun and colourful video - I wouldn't expect any less from Katy.
Buy the song here.

The Janoskians - This Freakin' Song
I am a big fan of the Janoskians so had to include their new song. It actually is a super catchy song. I like how the don't take themselves too seriously and know they aren't the best singers about. They are very funny though and know how to come up with fun songs.

Holly Hagan - Milkshake
Geordie Shore is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine so much like the Janoskinas, felt the need to include this. However, as far as the song goes... #NoComment

Maroon 5 - Maps
This song is sooo Maroon 5. Know what I mean? Before Adam Levine even begins singing you can tell this is a Maroon 5 song. I love it. Strange video though - I'm not sure I 100% get it.
Buy the song here. 

Sigma feat. Paloma Faith - Changing
Paloma Faith is an incredible singer, and what I got most from this song is there is no doubt about it. She makes the song not too 'clubby', so I think it is going to be around for months. It is very much a feel good song and the video makes you feel even more summery and want to dance along. 
Buy the song here.


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