My Favourite Beauty and Fashion Apps.

I am a big fashion and beauty lover, and am also on my phone rather a lot, so I am always on the look out for good apps to keep me entertained. 

Here are my favourites at the moment...

Boots - This is a new app from Boots and it really is brilliant. You can shop your favourite things just like being online, and they give you exclusive offers everyday based on what you have been buying and browsing. 
Bobbi Brown - I only very recently discovered this app, which is actually called 'Ask Bobbi'. Therefore, as I am sure you can guess, it is full of every makeup tip and trick you could possibly need, whether you are looking for quick help, or just want to perfect your makeup skills. It is much like the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual, but in the form of a very nifty app - and you can shop on it too!

Topshop - Most fashion lovers or just shopping lovers in general will be familiar with the Topshop app. It is pretty much just an excuse to be able to shop on the go. 
Vogue - This is very simply a daily news app about anything and everything fashion, beauty or celebrity related. As someone who doesn't know the ins and outs of the fashion industry, but is still interested, then this app is ideal. I always feel very well informed after a quick browse.
Two Magazine - Unlike the Vogue app, this is an actual magazine but in app formation. This comes in incredibly handy when travelling. I look forward to this every month because it is so vast. It covers high end to drugstore products, tutorials, interviews and sneak peaks into the life of so many makeup artists. 
Kim Kardashian Hollywood - Does this count as a fashion app? If it means getting to talk about it then I say it does. I have well and truly jumped on the band wagon with this one and even downloaded it the day it came out. That is how eager I was at the prospect of a game designed by Kim Kardashian. If you are considering downloading it then here is a quick warning - you will be addicted. Don't believe me? Watch YouTuber Tyler Oakley's video and you'll see what I mean. 

And the best thing about ALL the apps I've talked about.. they are ALL FREE!!! That's always a good thing to hear, so if you download them and change your mind then you'll have no problem deleting them.


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