The 'Tress'.

J-Lo has always been a trend setter in the fashion world and has never been afraid to take major risks with her outfits. It seems like her look of choice on the 6th July for the Versace show as part of Paris Fashion Week was a fashion fusion of a dress and trousers - hence the 'tress'!

I actually kinda love it. I don't think many people could pull it off, but J-Lo is tailored to perfection and looks awesome. I think it is going to be a trend loved by many a celeb this year.

It seems J-Lo wasn't the first to experiment with this synergy of fashion. If you remember last year, Jennifer Lawrence turned up to a Dior couture show in 2013 in a skirt/trouser combo (perhaps a 'trirt' if you will)! It isn't quite the 'tress', but it still really cool.

Who do you think pulls this trend off better? J-Lo or J-Law? 
I don't think I could call it. They both look fabulous to me. 

What about this trend overall. A fashion faux pas or a revolutionary trend in the making? 


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