Is Streaming Going To Change The Future Of The Charts?

As of Sunday 6th July, streaming officially counts towards the official music charts. This has caused many a discussion in the music world, with some thinking it is great and about time the charts caught up with the times, whilst others aren't so keen on the idea and think it’ll change the charts completely.

I’m somewhere in the middle on this one.

Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea with problem was the first ever song to go to number 1 with streaming being counted. I honestly believe that they would have hit the top spot anyway, so it is hard to tell if streaming actually made much of a difference.

I do however think that over the upcoming months we will begin to see a difference. I also think that there  will be more one hit wonders and throwaway tracks that come and go very quickly. People will be streaming music rather than buying it because ultimately it costs less. Because of that, it doesn't matter then if people buy a song they don’t like. From that point of view I think it is a shame that streaming now counts towards the official charts.

On the other hand, more and more people are streaming music, so perhaps it’s only right that they are now keeping up with the times, rather than staying stagnant and out of date.

I’m not 100% convinced yet. It will however be interesting to see how or if it affects the way the singles charts in particular change, if at all over the next few months. 


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