Album Review: Ed Sheeran 'X'

I feel like this album has been a long time coming. It has been talked about for a while now, so there has been a lot of pressure for it to not only be good, but a success. I think it is very clear from the hype the past two weeks that Ed has certainly not failed to deliver on both those fronts. The whole album flows beautifully from track to track with every one being on point, even though I do have my favourites.  

It is very classic Ed Sheeran, with a strong emphasis on his incredible song writing skills too. I also find it a very calming and relaxing album to listen to. I think people forget this this is only his second album, which is amazing if you think about how successful and talented he is. I really admire the fact he hasn't rushed to make the album, and has taken the time to perfect the stunning songs to the point they are at now. I definitely prefer it to +. This album feels like a natural progression and development. It will definitely be a timeless album which I know I will be listening too in years to come. I am glad it sold so huge and got to number 1. I wonder if it'll do it again this week and beat 5 Seconds Of Summer with their debut album - it will definitely be a close one. 

My favourite songs from the album are:
The Man
Afire Love
Thinking Out Loud

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