Album Review: 5 Seconds Of Summer

I have been very excited for this album for a stupidly long time. I am quickly becoming a 5SOS super-fan! Their debut album came out last week and has just got me even more excited. Not to mention they announced just today that they are doing a tour - eeeekkkk (but more on that another time)! 

The album is pretty much what I thought it would be, which isn't a bad thing. There are the usual suspects on there, which anyone who has seen a 5SOS show or YouTube video will recognise. However, the new tracks are actually rather good too. I love how they are blurring the lines of pop, punk and rock with this album. Their musical influences definitely shine through the album, especially in the song writing. By that I mean the people they had co-writing some of the songs, such as Scouting For Girls' Roy Stride, The Madden Brothers (Good Charlotte), and All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth. I think it is really cool they've worked will people who they like to listen to, and not what is expected of them to do.

Another reason for my love of the album is that it is now clear that they are not a conventional boyband. Their audience is predominantly teenage girls, who are a demographic who perhaps haven't been exposed to the pop/punk/rock genre before. Again, they are making music which they love and would listen too, not what they think their teen audience would want. This leads on to another point I would like to make about the album lyrically. They aren't trying to make out they've lived it all and have experienced everything, because they are very young so haven't lived to tell it all yet. The songs are about things which people their age are likely to experience and can relate too. It is evident in interviews as well as the album that they do what they do because they love it, not because of the money. 

They announced during their Google hangout this week that their third single from the album is going to be Amnesia. They also released a lyric video which makes the song all the more better. I like how they have gone for a slower song this time. I hope people appreciate it the same way as 'She Looks So Perfect' and 'Don't Stop'. 

Although the album was No.1 in the mid week charts, it looks like it may end up at No.2 on Sunday. Nonetheless, that is still an incredible position to chart for a non British band in the UK, especially when up against Ed Sheeran who's album is currently the fastest selling album of the year so far. 

As always, I have chosen my favourite tracks off the album, which was incredibly tough as I love them all A LOT...
Heartbreak Girl
Kiss Me Kiss Me
Long Way Home
Never Be (I especially love this one - it was the only one written by all the boys so it is extra special. Also, it is a proper anthem song. I can picture them performing this in a stadium of thousands of people singing along with the twinkling lights of the lights on their phones in the air)!!

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