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Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars

Ever since Ghost Stories was released earlier this month I have been obsessed with this song. It isn't like the other songs on the album, as it is a bit more 'classic Coldplay' and upbeat. However I still think it fits on the album perfectly. I saw on a documentary how they weren't sure whether to include the song or not - I am VERY glad they did! Besides the face it is just a great song to listen to, it is also very beautiful lyrically, which is another reason I love both Coldplay and the song so much.
The video was also released this week and I love that too. It is not only very different to any other Coldplay videos, but different to any video I have seen. It sees the band each dressed as a one man band, walking through the streets of Sydney. It is really fun and fits the song perfectly.
The song charted at number 13 in the UK and 10 in the US. I hoped it would have got higher, but it is actually one of their most successful songs.

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