Best Song Ever.

Blog post from 10th July 2013

I used to write a blog which was slightly different to this one. And not in a good way. I decided to abandon it because it was a bit wishy washy and messy. Anyway, on this old blog I wrote a post called 'Best Song Ever'. It's genesis was due to One Direction. They had a competition thingy where fans submitted blog posts talking about their best song ever and some would be selected to be posted on the official One Direction website. I thought it would be a bit of fun so entered, and didn't get chosen (probs because my song wasn't a 1D song).
The point of this is that recently I stumbled across this old post and was really fascinated to see what I thought about music almost a year ago to the day. A year ago may not seem like that long ago, but in the music world a lot can change in a year, evident in what I wrote about then. 
I decided my favourite song was Clocks by Coldplay (still very true), however, it is what I wrote about other songs which really interested me. I talked about how I was into Lawson and Rita Ora, which although I still like, I am not nearly as interested in them now as I was then. I also talked about guilty pleasures of mine such as old school Hannah Montana or Justin Bieber songs (still true!). What really interested me was some of the phases I was going through, like being into Kanye West and Jay-Z, which I am not into so much now... at all. 
Recently I have been branching out from my usual music tastes with some Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Mystery Jets and even some 'back in the day' tracks from The Rolling Stones. Perhaps this is just another phase in my ever changing music taste. 
To conclude, I still love Coldplay, still love Hannah Montana, still change my mind a lot and still hate being asked what music I like listening to!
I wonder what I will be listening to this time next year. Who will be cool, or gone, or new, or a cringe...


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