Album Review: Coldplay 'Ghost Stories'

Although this is an album review, so obviously that is what i'll be doing, I also wanted to mention the interview/documentary programme they did for Sky Arts a few weeks ago with Fearne Cotton. Much like the interview Chris Martin did with Zane Lowe for Radio 1 (see blog post), the programme really gave an insight into how Coldplay works and the process of making their music. It was extremely fascinating, especially as we got to see how the other members of Coldplay feel about the album, not just Chris Martin.  

I am going to base a lot of this review on some of the things they said during the interview. Firstly, when Jonny Buckland said that when making the album the wanted to 'make one sound really really good'. I think that sums up perfectly what the album achieves. Coldplay's music is often based on layering different sounds to make one sound, whereas Ghost Stories has a very clear and ethereal ora about it throughout. This fits with when Guy Berryman describes the album as a 'hypnotic mantra'. Again, this sums up the album perfectly. It is very fluid and feels uninterrupted.

 Something Will Champion said during the interview really interested me. He said that when making the album they 'rely on each other but really want to impress each other'. I feel link this really is the key to their success. It takes all four members to make Coldplay what they are, as they respect what each other brings to the band. So many people in the music industry make music based on what they think their audience wants or on what they are expected to be like. Ghost Stories makes it so evident that Coldplay's priority is to make music that they like and believe in, and if the industry likes it then great. 

The album, although gaining good reviews from the critics, hasn't been received in the same way as some of the fans. Some people are slightly disappointed by the album because it is very different to Coldplay's usual sound. I do get where they are coming from, but after watching the Sky Arts and Radio 1 interviews, I now get the album. I appreciate why they have done the album this way. They are proving that they aren't afraid to play with genres by dipping their toes into EDM, evident in producers they worked with such as Tim Bergling (Avicii), Timothy Zachery Mosley (Timbaland), and Hugo Pierre Leclercq (Madeon), as well as the technology they used like the laser harp. I really admire the fact they are moving with technology and avoiding becoming stagnant or relying on their fanbase for success. 
Overall, a very clever and intelligent album. Good job!

My favourite tracks from the album are...
A Sky Full Of Stars
(it was next impossible just to chose my favourite because they are all very special)

If you are in two minds about the album watch Coldplay: The Making Of Ghost Stories and Coldplay: Ghost Stories The Film because they will almost definitely help you make your mind up.

Get the album here.


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