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5 Seconds Of Summer - Don't Stop

I wasn't going to do this as a song of the day, simply because I was planning on doing a review of their album when it comes out at the end of next month and don't want the music bits of this blog to be too boyband heavy (...sorry 5SOS I mean pop/rock/man band)! However, the music video was released on Monday and since then I have been completely hooked, so couldn't contain myself anymore.

Lets start with the song. I love it. I think you get that much, but fangirling aside, I actually think it is a really great song. It might take a few more weeks until I can say I prefer it to 'She Looks So Perfect', but it's getting pretty close. I just want to sing along and smile with a big fat cheesy grin on my face every time I hear it. I know all that is a bit naff, but i'm just being honest. Don't Stop is definitely going to be one of the songs of the summer and I can't wait.

Now the music video. Where to begin??? There is no denying it is one of the most fun and creative videos ever which I can't believe has never been done before. I really like the naffness about the whole thing - almost like their mums made them the costumes for Halloween. That is why it is so great; it is brilliantly stupid in that way, yet really cool and fun at the same time. 

It wouldn't be a 5 Seconds Of Summer song without a sexy, slow breakdown bit (great description i know... or not) from Luke in the middle. So I am glad we get to enjoy that, but what surprised me was that they all sang. YAY!! Michael doesn't usually get to sing so much, and Ashton doesn't usually get to sing at all - and they were all really good. I love it. 

Overall I think it is fairly obvious I was like an excited child by the end if it and then had to play it again and again and again... and again. I cannot wait until the 25th June when it comes out and the 8th June when i'll be seeing them supporting One Direction!
The boys are on a bit of a roll at the moment and can barely put a foot wrong (even when posting the occasional nude pic on Twitter or Instagram). Lets just hope that carry on like this (the success, not the nude pictures) ;)

Buy the single here
Buy the album here


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