Music Addiction: Chris Martin

It's not often I like to separate Chris Martin from Coldplay because I think they are all so important in the success of the band and who Coldplay are. However, on this occasion I am going to break this rule and do just that.

Chris Martin recently did and interview for Radio 1 with Zane Lowe and although it was a few weeks ago now, I still really wanted to talk about it as it was extremely insightful into not only the mechanics of Chris and his life, but the mechanics of Coldplay and how they work.
This isn't going to be long and waffly as all I really want to achieve from this is people simply watching the interviews as it will honestly fascinate you.

Chris Martin is a very private guy so is very rarely splashed across magazines and newspapers, let alone doing interviews, so this was something I was definitely not going to take for granted. I think people often see Coldplay as a continuous success with no hiccups a long the way. A slight revelation during the interview was finding out that there was a brief time (very brief) where Chris Martin was kicked out of the band because he was a bit of a douche (to put it nicely). Being a dedicated and slightly obsessed Coldplay fan, this devastated me. But, thinking about it, the immense success and endless praise would surely go to anybody's head eventually. To be honest, it doesn't bother me that much simply because seeing him talk about what those experiences taught him and how they make him appreciate things now, really makes me admire him even more.

What I got most from the interview was just how much of a humble and honest guy he is. I love how passionate he is about not only his music, but the whole music industry. The way he talked about certain tracks on the album made me love them before even hearing them.
I really believe Coldplay are a band that are here for the long run, that I will be talking about with my children and even grandchildren. They have influenced so much in the music industry by playing with and creating new genres, and I am sure will continue to do so.

I have just discovered that there is actually a full length interview instead of flicking between the four...

On more thing... I bought Ghost Stories on Monday, so expect a review of that over the next week or so too hear all about it!


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