#TanyaBurrLipsAndNails First Impressions

Ever since I first saw #TanyaBurrLipsAndNails I couldn't wait until the release of my favourite Youtuber's lip gloss and nail polish collection. On my birthday I ordered one lip gloss and one nail polish to begin with. After spending quite some time Googling every shade, I decided to go for the 'Afternoon Tea' lip gloss and 'Penguin Chic' nail polish. From the day they arrived on my doorstep they have been my 'grab and go' products.

The lip gloss is simply gorgeous. For me, 'Afternoon Tea' is the ideal everyday shade which can be mixed up easily. Recently I have been wearing it with Topshop's 'Beehive' lipstick or 'Viva Glam V' by MAC for that extra 'no budge' finish. I am definitely someone who gets very easily irritated by lip glosses and usually end up rubbing them off - not with this though! I barely notice it there, yet when I look in the mirror, it is still there two hours down the line. Another thing I love about it is the formula. It almost feels like a lip lacquer; the slightly thicker texture to a normal gloss really works. My final and most favourite thing about the lip gloss is the smell. It is so sweet and yummy, I really hope they all smell as good as this one!

I went for 'Penguin Chic' because I was looking for the perfect shade to go with just about anything as well as a colour I didn't have in my collected. 'Penguin Chic' didn't fail to live up to the high requirements. I really am not one for applying nail polish. In fact I find it a bit of a chore, so i'm always on the look out for easy application polishes, and really Tanya's collection does exactly this. This shade only needs on coat and is SUPER quick at drying (another must have)!!! The final perfection about it is the non chip. It almost always lasts at least a week before any major chipping. It is an all round ideal nail polish for the lazy beauty lovers!

Now they have been properly tired and tested, I am in desperate need of some of the others from her collection. The ones I have my eyes on are
They are available to buy from Feel Unique, Superdrug, Cloud 10 Beauty and Pom, and as of 9th April they will be available in 200 Superdrug stores across the UK.
I purchased mine from Feel Unique so as a first time customer I got 10% off. I also found another 10% off coupon here.
Tanya posted a full post of swatched and information on her blog as well as everything you need to know about #TanyaBurrInSuperdrug so I would definitely go and check that out if you are not sure what to go for!!

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