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One Direction - You & I

Well this SOTD was inevitable. I tried to put myself off doing it because i really am so predictable, but I just couldn't resist. My One Direction fever is just heating up at the mo. They released the music video for You & I last week and i'm not going to lie, it is a bit weird and took me by surprise slightly. But weird is very much a good thing in my books. Their slower songs seem to chart better (just look at what happened to Story of My Life), so I predict good things for this one.
Another reason i'm getting very excited is because the tickets for their Where We Are tour arrived the other day - and they are super cool! It is going to be a very exciting day - I can't wait (Eeeeekk)!!!
Now back to the song. It is a lot more grown up than previous 1D songs, and I think the fans like that. The song is available from their album 'Midnight Memories' but I really think you should either pre-order it here, or wait till the 25th May when it is officially released. It'll be well worth the wait - we don't want another repeat of Midnight Memories.


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