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Paramore - Ain't It Fun

There was no way I could let this song go without being 'Song Of The Day' at some point. The reason being... it isn't very me. By that I mean I am a very pop song kind of girl so that is exactly what you expect to find on here. There was a time when EVERYONE was into Paramore and they were the 'cool' and 'indie' thing to be in to. I never went through that phase. However they initially caught my attention when with 'Still Into You' first came onto the scene. Just like everybody else I instantly fell addicted to the exceptionally catchy and uber fun song. I feel like history is repeating itself slightly with 'Ain't It Fun' because I can't stop singing it at every given opportunity. Now, correct me if i'm wrong because I am no Paramore expert but it feel like 'Still Into You' and 'Ain't It Fun' are slightly more 'poppy' than there usual music. Maybe that is why they are more mainstream at the mo... I dunno!! Anyway I like them and hope they carry on with these style of songs (and really fun music videos).


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