I just wanted to write a quick post about something super cool which I came across during my daily Instagram stalking sesh the other day. Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley are looking for models for the next fall 2014 ad campaign by asking people on Instagram to upload selfies with #CastMeMarc. It really is that simple. I thought this was a really great idea as it is involving the consumers in a way which currently society knows best. High fashion can often be very stagnant with very unimaginative marketing and promotion (not always, just sometimes), so I think this is a really innovative idea. I love how creative Marc Jacobs is being recently - not just in a fashion way, but like how he had Miley Cyrus as the star of the spring 2014 ad campaign, and Kendall Jenner walking for fashion week in a rather risqué outfit (not to mention how anti-Kardashian people can get). Personally, my favourite of the Marc Jacobs quirky campaigns was the iconic one featuring Victoria Beckham falling out of a shopping bag!  He is one of my favourite designers at the mo and I know many other people's too. 

Marc Jacobs spring 2014 advertising campaign with Miley Cyrus
Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2008 advertising campaign with Victoria Beckham

Kendall Jenner walking for Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 at New York Fashion Week 

Although #CastMeMarc ended on the 9th April, check out the deets here, so you too can imagine just what it could be like to start in a Marc Jacobs ad campaign!


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