Betty Who?

Even as I write this post i'm still not entirely sure who Betty Who is. What I do know is I think she is going to be big business in 2014. I heard about her through various things popping up on Twitter, and being my usual nosy self wanting to know more. I ended up stumbling across 'Somebody Loves You' and inevitably spent the next hour listening to it on the loop, among other Betty Who songs. Recently however, two of my favourite YouTubers Connor Franta and Tyler Oakley have mentioned her a few times and their videos so obviously she must be super cool if these fab fellas like her. Right???

The purpose of this post is really just to make more people aware of her and persuade you to just listen to one of her songs. I promise you won't regret it! The charts are fairly dull at the moment so I am always up for championing upcoming singers, especially people so quirky and fabulously weird like Betty.

Although 'Somebody Loves You' already reached #44 in the Billboard charts and the #4 most viral song on Spotify, I honestly believe she'll get bigger.

These are my faves...


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