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The Vamps - Last Night

It is no surprise that I am a sucker for a boyband, so obviously I can't not have The Vamps new single as a Song Of The Day. I have been following them for a while now and so far they are yet to disappoint - and their new single 'Last Night' is no exception. They filmed it themselves and I believe they got fans involved too, which adds a very authentic feel to the whole thing compared to their other music videos. As per usual it is an extremely feel good, up beat track that just makes you want to get up and dance. Although I love that sort of thing, I would at some point like to hear them do a slightly slower song. 
It's annoying that we have to wait until the 7th April for it to come out, but it is definitely worth the wait.
The only thing I will say is that Brad's hair seems to be getting more and more like my Nan's perm with each song!


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