I have finally got round to starting my own blog after delaying it for some time now. I actually began a blog with similar content to this one quite a while ago now. However... like many things I set out to do, I lost interest very quickly. I found the whole thing a bit messy and was writing about the most random and uninteresting things. This one I hope to stick with, and also hope to be full of lots of exciting things. I don’t quite know what to expect of this but I hope it will be fun. It’s a space dedicated to all things make up, fashion, music, TV and much more. My interests have no limits, ranging from fashion, to my favourite beauty products, to the songs which get me most excited, the best programmes on the telly, my favourite YouTubers, the latest crazes or even my favourite blogs; the list is endless.

So, welcome to my blog. A completely random place where all my weird and wonderful thoughts will be together. Feel free to join me on my slightly daunting adventure if you want a break from your chaotic lives (that’s why I’m here). You never know it might be quite fun!! xx

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