Happy Birthday To... ME!

Last week, was arguably the best week of my entire life. Sunday was my 18th birthday, which meant I had the week to celebrate - it was half term so I really could make the most of it.

My week of celebrations began on the Tuesday when I went to lunch with my Mum and Sister at my Grandparents house. It was really lovely, because I don't get to see them that often.
Wednesday really was the best day ever. I was lucky enough to go to the BRIT Awards with my Dad (see blog post). It was the most special memory, and one that I will treasure forever. I had never been so excited when Bastille performed, and then Pharrell Williams performed at the end. Although I knew it was coming, they completely blew me away. It made me feel so happy (pardon the pun), and as to be expected, I am now totally obsessed with them both. I am bursting with excitement for Pharrell's album 'GIRL' to come out next week.

Thursday wasn't a busy day, but in the evening with my Mum and Sister, we went for dinner to see my Cousin, Auntie and Uncle. They cooked a delish spag bol and gave me the most gorgeous silver bracelet for my birthday.

On Friday, during the day we met up with some family friends, had a pizza, and went to see Robocop (which I am sill in two minds about). Oh, and I can't not mention how excited I was to see The Amazing Spider-man 2 trailer!!! In the evening, we all went round to their house for a proper birthday get together. I had the most brilliant time, and couldn't be more grateful for everything they did to make my birthday special.

Where to begin with Saturday?!! 'The best day ever' doesn't even come close. After a warm cuppa tea and cookie in Carnaby Street I was presented with an early birthday present from my parent -  a rather generous Topshop voucher. This, along with vouchers left over from Christmas and some savings, meant a very girly scream and a lot of fun. My Dad didn't stick around here, but myself, my Mum and my Sister spent nearly two hours making a few additions to our spring/summer wardrobe - guilt free of course, it's my birthday Then, after mooching around Camden for a while and going for a yummy Indian, we go the train to Hammersmith. Why, you may ask!? Well we had tickets to see Jack Whitehall at the Hammersmith Apollo. It is not secret that I love everything he has ever done ('Fresh Meat', 'Bad Education' and 'Backchat' to name a few), so my expectations were high. I don't know much about stand up, so actually felt a bit nervous as he stepped on the stage (or rolled in on a segway SPOILER) - there is nothing worse than a comedian who isn't funny. Don't worry though, he fulfilled every expectation I had, and more. It was brilliant. I had never been to see a stand up comedian before, so it was a very exciting experience. I sat through the whole thing with the biggest Cheshire Cat grin on my face, and with moments where I was crying in agony with laughter. He was so hilarious. My parents were by far the oldest people there, and my sister and I were by far the youngest, as his audience is very student heavy. However, it was actually suitable for most people (if you don't mind the occasional 'C bomb'). His tour kicks off properly in arenas on the 5th March. I would seriously recommend getting tickets here, it'll be worth it.

Carnaby Street
The one picture I took of Jack Whitehall before I got told to turn off my flash!

Finally Sunday. The big day. It was actually pretty relaxed. It consisted of a lie in, a full English, prezzie opening sesh, getting ready, going out for a big hotel lunch, then snuggling up to a film, catching up on YouTube, and pigging out!

Birthday lunch at 'Hotel Du Vin'

I really couldn't have wished for a better birthday. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world



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